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The Scenario, in the spreadsheet below,  illustrates how Mark's Medical Mobility, LLC can save a customer from $90.00 (36%) to $339.00 for a single power chair issue, over a Leading National Service Provider.
*The $159.00 service call does not include the cost of parts or applicable taxes. It does include most repairs but excludes major time consuming, labor intensive, components such as transaxles, lift actuators, etc.  Note: For rehab chairs such as Quantum, Rovi, Invacare, etc. the service call fee is $249.00  (Please contact us for exact pricing for your specific need). Our service call fee covers the service for as many visits as it takes for the technician to rectify the single situation that is stated on the original work order (contract) but is only valid for visits up to a 50 mile radius from Boca Raton. If you reside more than 50 miles away, there is an additional fee of $1.00 for each additional mile. Additional fees may apply for loaner parts and or in situations where we must improvise or do  special modifications to keep you mobile with the shortest amount of downtime. For emergency, same day calls, if the tech. is available, there will be an additional $100.00 service fee applied.

Realize though, even if we can't save you money on the service call, which we usually can, our main goal is to keep the customer mobile, in the shortest time possible. By hiring us, you get an expert technician who can many times do things that the technicians at the Nationwide Technical Support Companies are either not permitted by the company to do, or are not qualified to do. In situations where there are part shortages, which there continues to be many thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, our technician, in many cases, has been able to improvise, modify, jerry rig, or even change out a component, instead of an entire assembly  just to get the customer mobile again in a timely manner. We have even gone as far as loaning batteries, joysticks, control modules, etc. until the new part arrives, just to keep our customer's mobile.

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